LapIO ry's privacy policy

Registry keeper

Lappeenrannan Insinööriopiskelijat LapIO ry
Yliopistonkatu 36
Tel. +358 40 7354592
Business ID: 1628328-7

The person handling the register

Robert Lönnfors Tel. +358 40 735 4592

Purpose of processing personal data

The collected information is used for events and seasonal orders since they were voluntarily provided by the user. The events and orders include, for example, ASTin Cruise and IOP days.

Information to be stored in the register

- First and last name
- Email address
- Phone number

Storing of data

Data is deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for the customer's service.

Transferring of data

Customer data is not transferred outside of LapIO's systems and will not be handed to a third party.

Protection of information

Data is protected online with the protection technologies used by Google services. Information collected by LapIO can only be accessed by a registered person handling the service.


When downloading a website, the browser checks the resolution of the user terminal according to which the web page is scaled for the user optimally. Cookies can be blocked on your web browser's privacy settings, but this may result in unexpected functionality of the site.

Customer's right

Customer is entitled to:
- Check the information about yourself
- Request correction of incorrect information
- Request the deletion of their information
- Other rights recognized by the European General Data Protection Regulation

Requests for customer's right can be sent to the above-mentioned data handler's address.